All photography provided by Steve Krak

It took me eighteen years at Battelle to realize I was a STEMist, and I was surrounded by STEMists.  Nobody I knew was just a scientist, engineer, mathematician, or manager.  They ALL toggled between skills, technical and artistic, hard skills and "soft", social and solitary.


My Mission

My mission is to bring my experience alongside yours to design and implement new teaching and learning that pairs non-traditional subjects, embraces strange intersections, and helps learners use their own passion as a vehicle to learn more than they thought they ever could. 

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
— Albert Einstein

What I've Achieved

  • I am currently the Red Frame Lab Coordinator at Denison University, running this design lab, leading workshops and mentoring students as they learn to design their lives.
  • At TIES ( I was a core member of a USAID project team that co-designed and opened sustainable public STEM schools in Egypt.
  • At TIES, I led a team in Kazakhstan to co-design and implement a community-wide movement in STEM education for the city of Atyrau.
  • For TIES, I am a Technical Assistance Lead, mentor and facilitator of many user-centric design studios for the STEM Learning Ecosystems project ( where over 50 communities are designing, creating and achieving shared education goals across diverse organizations and in urban to rural environments.
  • I was on a National Academies Committee for the publication STEM Integration in K-12 Education: Status, Prospects, and an Agenda for Research. National Academies Press, (2014).

  • I was an Intellectual Property Manager at Battelle, setting strategy for division and mentoring technical staff.

  • I was the founding Program Manager of the Ohio STEM Learning Network ( for Battelle.
  • I was a program and people manager for Battelle.
  • I have a family of three patents in microfabrication.