So what exactly will we do?

We’ll quickly decide that together and then I’ll design our session(s) with your team. I’ll facilitate our sessions with your team using one of several design processes chosen to get at our goals. That may be a new user-centric perspective on your challenge or a ton of new solutions and ideas from proposed by your own team. The output may be the framework for a new approach or a few team-prioritized ideas they are excited to prototype. Your team will be glad their voices were heard, their experience was valued, and their ideas have value. That kind of team ownership will add extra energy to your next steps. This is the approach I’ve taken with schools, district leadership, university student groups, staff and faculty, chambers of commerce, and a national retail dessert franchise.

Basic Services

Your first consultation meeting by phone or in person (if you’re not too far) is FREE. We’ll discuss your needs and whether my services could be useful to you.

Two hour design session with your team - $200

This is the minimum useful session and produces a lot of new ideas for your team.

Half day design session - $400

This is a good way to pick one element of design for a bit of a deeper dive .. more time unpacking the user experience, more time converging on ideas or more time prototyping and testing.

Full day design session- $600

A full day gives us quality time for more unpacking of the ‘user experience’ your team is designing.

Two day design session - $1,000

Two day design sessions are my favorite because we get a half day to unpack the user-centric value we’re targeting, and a half day for some quality, divergent brainstorming. On day two, we’ll get time to sort through those ideas, converge on some prototypes, get solid feedback and iterate at least once on those prototypes. Your team will be ready to turn those low resolution prototypes into real prototypes in the field.

Any planning or follow-up time we agree on - $60 per hour

Travel expenses may be required if you’re more than an hour drive from Granville, OH.

Advanced Project Services

I’ll be happy to respond to your request for proposal after we discuss your need. Deeper dives into design processes are very rewarding. We can break up a deeper exploration into several return visits to keep the momentum and allow for your team to do something with their own ideas between our sessions.