Facilitate or provide subject matter expertise for your project

You may have a project in need of a team member who can facilitate the work or bring expertise in 'educational engineering', design, STEM education, or a career R&D engineer's perspective.  I would be happy to work with your team on a part-time basis at a level of effort that suits your needs.  Projects can be one week to one year or more. 

Plan and facilitate a structured working session with your team

These are the most fun and most productive.  So often we have good ideas, but we hesitate because we're not sure if we've done enough or missed a better solution.  I say set yourself up to try something fast and be prepared to assess and improve it next time. If your leadership team or community group is ready to get some work done, I'd enjoy the opportunity to help you plan and then facilitate robust working session(s) that will be highly participatory and productive.  

advise your leadership team

If your leadership team is wanting to do more in STEM education or the integration of your area with STEM education, I'd love to help your team turn those desires into a plan.  This can be over a few hours to a few days depending on your needs.  

Present to your group

I'd love to come present to your group on integration, STEM in the real world, STEM in the classroom (even STEM in the Egyptian classroom), Design Thinking, Engineering Design Processes, and more.  This type of session would be just for an hour or two depending on your needs.


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