STEMist, Design Thinking Facilitator, Education Engineer, Your Design Partner

My native tongue is engineering which is a fancy term for problem solving.  My passion is education, which is an undervalued term for helping people be successful in life. Put those together and you get education engineering. Add Design Thinking and you’re designing better experiences for the student, the teacher, school district leaders, the local chamber, and a national retail dessert chain.

I grew up in Ohio. I went to THE Ohio State University for Engineering (yes I marched in “The Best Damn Band in the Land”). I worked for Battelle, the largest independent R&D firm in the world, for 25 years.  But the education bug never left me.  I left engineering to pursue education consulting which took me to China, Kazakhstan, a long project in Egypt, and to a dozen communities in the US. The common thread in all of these was using design to help them achieve their aspirations. I then helped to launch a new Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship lab at Denison University where I help students, student groups, faculty and staff groups apply Design Thinking to their challenges. I’m a husband and a dad to three grown kids, all pursuing the arts, and playing jazz sax is my main hobby.

— Steve

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

— Albert Einstein