25 Years Industry Experience Solving Wicked Problems

… in Research & Development at Battelle

4 Years Building Multi-sector Partnerships

… Managing the Ohio STEM Learning Network

4+ Years Building Trust Across Cultures

… in International STEM Education Design and Improvement

2 Years Helping Communities Build Coherence

… in their Education Offerings

1+ Year Helping College Students Turn Passion into Action

…as a University Design Thinking Lab Coordinator

Here’s what all that experience taught me:

I have a lot of expertise, but I’m not the expert in your world. Your team holds the expertise. I can help your team tap that experience and chase your aspirations.



Facilitated Design Sessions

I've facilitated hundreds of design sessions leading invention ideation sessions with highly technical staff at Battelle, facilitating high school course design with the National Ministry of Education in Egypt, and running community design sessions with various stakeholders in communities across the US and even Kazakhstan. I’m currently the coordinator of Denison University's design lab (Red Frame Lab) where I design and facilitate workshops with many different participants across campus. I'd be glad to help your organization leverage your team to reach your goals. 

DESIGN THINKING is a great process for improving the customer and employee experience. This is what I use mostly at Denison University and with local businesses, educators and organizations. For my own professional development I’ve received training from both Stanford and MIT Sloan on Design Thinking.

COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE is an approach that says the worker-bees have a special perspective on your organization’s challenges, and they can have a real impact on solutions if given the chance. This is what I will tap into in your organization as I have done with others.

ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESSES come in many flavors, and I’ve encountered many in my engineering R&D career and woven some into education curriculum. These are the tools suitable for more linear, specification-based problem solving.

With many design process tools in the tool box, we can be sure to use the right one … or even a hybrid of more than one … to meet your need.